Friday, August 10, 2012

Moose Knuckles 2012

Back by popular demand!

Date: September 29th / 30th
Location: Musquodoboit Trailway Parking Lot
Duration: 24 hrs
Disciplines: Mountain biking, flat water paddling, trekking, orienteering
Team Format: Teams of 3
Cost: $300 per Team
Prizes: Not many
Contact: Andrew (

Registration: Available at Atlantic Chip

- 03:00:00: Check-in / Waivers etc.
- 04:30:00 Saturday: Pre-race briefing
- 05:00:00 Saturday: Race start
- 20:00:00 Saturday (Approx): First place team finishes
- 09:00:00 Sunday: Course Closed, all teams finished (cut-offs will be utilised to ensure all teams are off the course by this time.)
Note: There are no formal closing ceremonies since we anticipate teams will be finishing too far apart.  We hope to have a small celebration for each team as they finish, and we'll do our best to get some small prizes.

Required Gear:
At all times:
- Compass
- Matches or lighter
- Knife
- Whistle
- Cell phone (one per team... two are advised especially if you use two different carriers)

Bike section(s):
- CSA approved bike helmet
- Mountain bike
- Front white light
- Rear red light

Paddling section(s):
- Canoe, one per team
- ULC approved PFD (Also required during Stage 1 for advanced teams)
- Buoyant throw line
- Bailer
- Paddle

Gear Bins: Each team will be permitted one gear bin no larger than 190 L. A secondary paddling stash / bundle will be accepted provided it only contains required paddling gear.

Course Notes: I'll update this as things fall into place.

Final Note: I'd like to advise against doing a google image search for 'Moose Knuckles.'

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