Wednesday, March 30, 2011

No Snow for Sno-Racin'!

There was no snow in porter's lake for Sno-Racin'!, but that didn't stop 18 participants from enjoying the beautiful weather. The 9.5 km run through Crowbar Lake Trails did still have some ice on the ground, but most avoided major drama. Surprisingly, the ice was still present after Jodi Isenor of Hoops & Yo Yo burned through the course in an hour and change. Karine Comeau, the other half of Hoops & Yo Yo finished in 1:24:13 to give Hoops & Yo Yo the fastest combined time for the run, the closest time to theirs being nearly 25 minutes later.

Notable participants were Wendi Brown, Karen Misner and Kate McCarthy of TeKamp's Champs; this was their first adventure race and it doubled as Wendi's bachelorette party! The trio stayed together on the run with an impressive time of 2:20:01, not to mention that they were expecting the trail run to be on crusher-dust trails!

Other notable racers were the Hammerheads; Grant Heddon and Jim Foster. While Grant is the only original member, the Hammerheads are Eastern Canada's longest serving adventure racing team, this being their 10th year. Jim McKim and Harold McQuade were the sole representatives from New Brunswick and raced as NSAR Crips.

The Myra Road trail systems notoriety showed itself during the orienteering stage as many teams struggled. The course was set-up to be difficult to favour the experienced navigator as the trail running stage favoured the experienced trail runner. In the end, Hoops & Yo Yo demonstrated that they had the most experience at both as the made short work of the O-course as the only team to collect all seven controls in only 2:26:00.

Stage 1 9.5 km Trail Run Individual Times
1st Men - Jodi Isenor (Hoops & Yo Yo) 1:01:33
2nd Men - Jim Foster (Hammerheads) 1:16:51
3rd Men - Shawn Taylor (Phat Daddy) 1:16:53
4th Men - Stephen Cooper (Eco-Challenged) 1:20:58
1st Women - Karine Comeau (Hoops & Yo Yo) 1:24:13
5th Men - Ian Clark (Eco-Challenged) 1:27:30
6th Men - Chad McNamara (Eco-Challenged) 1:30:48
2nd Women - Elizabeth Cook (Pinky and the Brain) 1:31:53
7th Men - Matt MacPhee (Pinky and the Brain) 1:33:10
8th Men - Grant Heddon (Hammerheads) 1:33:15
9th Men - Anthony Bell (We Are Cold) 1:33:30
10th Men - Harold McQuade (NSAR Crips) 1:36:15
11th Men - Sascha Richer (We Are Cold) 1:42:12
12th Men - Jim McKin (NSAR Crips) 1:46:38
13th Men - Tim Dine (We Are Cold) 1:55:43
3rd Women Wendi Brown, Karen Misner, Kate McCarthy (TeKamp's Champs) 2:20:01

Stage 1 9.5 km Trail Run Team Times
1st - Hoops & Yo Yo 2:25:46
2nd - Hammerheads 2:50:06
3rd - Eco-Challenged 2:51:46
4th - Pinky and the Brain 3:05:03
5th - NSAR Crips 3:22:53
6th - We Are Cold 3:29:13
7th - TeKamp's Champs 4:40:02

Stage 2 Orienteering Course Score and Times
1st - Hoops & Yo Yo 7 of 7 in 2:26:00
2nd - Hammerheads 6 of 7 in 3:46:30
3rd - Eco-Challenged 5 of 7 in 3:42:00
4th - NSAR Crips 5 of 7 in 3:52:00
5th - TeKamp's Champs 2 of 7 in 3:46:00
6th - We Are Cold 1 of 7 in 3:45:00
7th - Pinky and the Brain 0 of 7 in 3:50:00

Overall Standings
1st - Hoops & Yo Yo 4:51:46
2nd - Hammerheads 6:36:36
3rd - Eco-Challenged 6:33:46
4th - NSAR Crips 7:14:53
5th - TeKamp's Champs 8:26:03
6th - We Are Cold 7:14:13
7th - Pinky and the Brain 6:55:03